Exclusive Butler School

Exclusive Butler School

Terms & Conditions

1. Contract
1.1 The terms of EBS’s book course/booking form and these terms and conditions constitute the terms of the legally binding contract (“the Contract”) between you, the student as set out in the enrolment form, and Exclusive Butler School Ltd (“EBS”).
1.2 Any enrolment application by you will be subject to written acceptance by EBS.
1.3 The Contract is effective from the date of receipt by EBS of the initial deposit amount.

2. The Course
2.1 You must attend each day on a punctual basis unless prevented by events which are beyond your reasonable control.
2.2 You must comply with all rules and regulations issued by EBS from time to time.
2.3 EBS will be entitled to change the timing and/or content of any part of the course and to substitute any trainer at any time.

3. Fees
3.1 Enrolment is subject to payment of a non-refundable deposit as set out in EBS’s book course/booking form, and must be paid at the time of booking to secure a place on the course.
3.2 Following acceptance by EBS of your application, you will be contractually bound to pay the full amount of the fees as set out below.  No refund will be made if you subsequently fail to attend all or any part of the course.  In addition to fees, you must pay for any add on options you have selected from the book course/booking form.
3.3 All fees must be paid not less than 14 days before the start of the course, subject as set out below.

4. Your Conduct
4.1 If EBS considers that you have behaved in an unacceptable manner, EBS will be entitled to require you to cease to attend any course.  No refund of fees will be made.

5. Termination
5.1 You may only terminate the Contract in the circumstances set out below.
5.2 You may only terminate the Contract if you give EBS written notice of termination and EBS receives such notice not less than 6 weeks before the start of the course.  Provided that EBS has received your notice of termination prior to the deadline, EBS will refund any fees paid but will be entitled to retain any deposit.  If the course has been paid in full, EBS will charge an administration fee.  You must receive confirmation in writing that EBS has agreed to terminate the Contract in order to be eligible for a refund.  The confirmation should be obtained for your records.
5.3 You may terminate the Contract (and have all monies paid returned to you) at any time during the period ending on the day falling 14 days after the date of the Contract as stated in Section 1.3.  Notice of the termination must be in writing.  To be effective the notice must be posted or delivered not later than the last day of the 14 day period set out above.  If you start attending the course before the expiry date of this period you will lose your right to terminate.
5.4 If a person that is placed on a course fails to attend for any reason they would not be entitled to a refund or a re-booking of another course.
5.5 EBS will be entitled to cancel any course at any time subject to the repayment of any deposit and fees received in respect of the course which has been cancelled.
5.6 In the unlikely event of cancellation of a course by ourselves, we undertake to offer a suitable transfer to an alternative date or a full refund (within 7 days) of any course fees.
5.7 We advise that if you are booking your own accommodation/flights/travel that you take the above into account, as EBS cannot be held liable for any third-party costs incurred, such as travel bookings, in the cancellation of a course.  You are advised to take out a suitable insurance policy.
5.7 All refunds are made to the source of the initial payment, ie fees paid by a credit card can only be refunded to the same card.

6. Liability
6.1 You must not bring any items of special value to the course.  EBS will not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions.
6.2 EBS will not be liable for any loss suffered by you which is indirect, special or consequential.
6.3 EBS will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of EBS.

7. General
7.1 The Contract contains all of the contractual terms agreed between you and EBS.
7.2 No failure or delay by EBS in enforcing any of its rights under the Contract shall be deemed to be a waiver of such right.
7.3 The Contract shall be governed by English law.

NOTE:  You are advised to take out a suitable insurance policy against loss of fees through illness or personal accident.  We will assist you with invoices and paperwork in support of your claim on your insurance.