1-3 Day Specialist Private Housekeeper

We have 2 venue options for our Specialist Private Housekeeping Training - Central London and Kent.

The course is run as 3 separate training days covering 3 different modules, and the option is to attend any or all of the training days.  However, should you wish to attend more than one day, a discounted daily rate applies.

Should it be more convenient, we are able to deliver this training in your private residence.  If this is of interest, please contact us for further information.

Module 1

Module 1

Eco Friendly Approach to Housekeeping

  • Incorporating eco-friendly cleaning products, reducing the use of plastics and chemicals
  • How to create your own effective products from natural ingredients
  • How to care for luxury items and surfaces with an eco-friendly approach

Housekeeping Administration and Management Training

  • Management and organisation within a Housekeeping Department
  • Basic admin procedures to run an efficient Housekeeping Department
  • The role of the Housekeeper and their expected duties
Module 2

Module 2

Effective and Efficient Housekeeping Skills

  • Hands-on approach to understanding the effective and efficient method of deep cleaning within a Master Suite
  • Identifying the difference between daily and deep cleaning methods
  • Time management alongside attention to detail
  • Understanding and knowledge of different linen fabrics
  • How to handle a stain prior to laundry
  • How to store and/or fold appropriately
  • How to make a bed from start to finish
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules for communal areas within a private household
  • Treating precious surfaces and soft furnishings
  • Set up and preparation of specific areas
Module 3

Module 3

Laundry Skills and Valeting; Wardrobe Management

  • Understanding laundry and valeting procedures
  • Care of Principals’ and Guests’ luxury items
  • Essential skills in care label reading
  • Effective stain treatment, washing and drying of different luxury fabrics
  • Laundry Room management
  • Valeting skills to Butler Standard
  • Haute Couture and Designer Label care and organisation
  • Efficient organisation of a wardrobe
  • Detailed wardrobe inventories

What’s Included:

  • 8-hour intensive housekeeping training per day
  • Refreshments during course (tea/coffee/water)
  • Light lunch provided
  • Exclusive Butler School Pad and Pen
  • Various handouts to accompany the training
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • You will automatically be registered as a candidate with Exclusive Household Staff and receive ongoing support from the Exclusive Household Staff Consultants following successful completion of the course
Exclusive Butler School


Sep, 2024


Sep, 2024

London Based Course

Registration will be at 9.00am on each day, with the course ending at 6.00pm.

1 Day = £354.00 + VAT (£424.80 inc VAT)
2 Days = £594.00 + VAT (£712.80 inc VAT)
3 Days = £810.00 + VAT (£972.00 inc VAT)

Exclusive Butler School


Oct, 2024


Oct, 2024

Kent Based Course

Registration will be at 9.00am on each day, with the course ending at 6.00pm.

1 Day = £295.00 + VAT (£354.00 inc VAT)
2 Days = £495.00 + VAT (£594.00 inc VAT)
3 Days = £675.00 + VAT (£810.00 inc VAT)